Cubu skirting board

- perfect floor finishing


Each of Cubu skirting board model is robust. It is the supreme quality of components used - a sturdy HDF and non CL polymer and last but not least: no need of slitting a profile in corners. The outcome: a perfect and durable finishing of each floor

  • A high quality skirting board
  • Scratch resistand and other damage-resistant
  • Moisutre resistant
  • A perfect inner and outer corner
  • Easy-peasy installation with Doellken tools
  • A greenguard certificate: safe in use in public utility facilities like schools or heath-care facilities
  • Perfect for any floor kind

A skirting board ideal for:

living room

child room

kitchen, bathroom

retro style

A secret of perfect corners

Due to usage of Döllken tools, the installation is very quick and stupendously accurately. A notching tool notches perfectly not only inner, outer corners but as well as endings. All that without cutting off which makes all the system damage resistant, closely adhering to the floor and moisture resistant.

Thereby Döllken solidcore skirting boards are the opposite of both regular MDF skirting boards featured by its high susceptibility to moisture as well as corner damages and PVC skirting boards that over time get fatigued.

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